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A Story from “The Ridge”

The Ridge is a facility operated by our Cult Tactical team at our headquarters in northern Idaho. It is built around cultivation of pride in ownership within the custom firearms industry.  The message here is clear:  Try it out first to make sure you love it BEFORE you buy it.

In spite of the industry at large, we decided to offer a trial before you buy.  We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.
We are not salesmen.  We are enthusiasts.

Who are we

Cult Tactical, though it officially launched the end of 2018, was more than three years in the making.  A passion project for our founder, Nick Kemmish.  As a previous competitive shooter, a certified Glocksmith, certified law enforcement armorer, avid hunter, and firearm collector, it was a natural progression into the custom handgun industry.  The Ridge is 17 acres of heavily wooded land where fellow gun enthusiasts are welcome to come and try out our high-end handguns before buying. This can help people decide if it is the correct firearm for them.  Nick wanted to alleviate that “new firearm remorse” buyers feel when they order a firearm without having ever shot it.  That offer is extended (and utilized) by several law enforcement groups that we host at The Ridge as they decide on service weapon options.

What is “The Ridge”

The Ridge allows Cult Tactical customers to become fully educated about their firearm purchase and every aspect of responsible ownership.  We believe that if you are going to spend good money on a custom firearm, you should love it AND understand the workmanship that has gone into its production, along with the optional customization that can be done to make it the perfect firearm for you.

What do we do

Here at Cult Tactical, we specialize in building custom polymer handguns.  We do not compromise or cut corners by using cheap products or knockoffs.  In that spirit, we purposefully pair our firearms with the best storage cases in the industry. That way when our firearms arrive, you receive a premium experience from the moment you open the product.  Each interaction with your firearm should be exceptional — even storing it in its case.  This demonstrates our commitment to overall quality and service.

Where can you test

If you are not near The Ridge, you can still be confident when ordering our firearms and accessories online.  We stand behind the weapons we sell and always have a try before you buy option available if you qualify.  Now is the time for our custom firearms business to connect with our customers as fellow enthusiasts and begin the narrative of trustworthy partnerships that benefits all those who love this industry.

Choose Cult Tactical.  Do the right thing.


We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their Cult Tactical purchase. That's why we let you try out our firearms before you purchase them.

Cult Tactical

Cult Tactical started as a passion project for it's founder, Nick Kemmish. We take pride in our products, and we aim to connect with our customers as fellow enthusiasts.

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We are committed to providing top quality products to our customers. You can be confident that you are getting the best firearms and accessories in the industry.